Wearing Your Corset

Most Ava corsets will come prelaced.  If you wish to change your lacing (for example contrasting ribbon can personalise your corset) please use our guide below.

With a little practice you will easily be able to put your corset on by yourself – though a mirror will always be helpful.

  • Always loosen laces so the corset wraps easily around your body.  The ‘hook/loop’ part of the busk should be on your right and the ‘pins’ section on your left (womens clothing always closes ‘right over left’, because women are always right!
  • Some people prefer to start from the bottom, others the top.  If you are unable to close the busk comfortably then the laces need to be a bit looser.
  • Once the busk is closed, using a mirror or a friend, gently pull on your ‘loops’ or ‘bunny ears’ in the lacings to take up the slack.
  • Evenly and gently pull on the cross section of the laces to tighten the corset around your body.  Never tug or yank on the laces as this can weaken the eyelet setting.
  • Once the corset is tightened to a comfortable place, make a bow with the excess laces.  
  • To remove the corset always untie the bow and loosen completely before
    attempting to undo the busk.  Never attempt to remove a corset without
    loosening as this can weaken or even snap the busk.

Always try to break in your corset, as you would with a new pair of shoes. Wear it for an hour or so a couple of times, laced comfortably but not tight. Learn things that are easy and more difficult in your corset – eg lacing boots!

Treat your corset with patience and love and it will last for a long time.


Do not wear a corset when pregnant.
Ava corsets are not intended for medical use or as a back brace.  Please consult your GP if you are unsure.
If you feel any discomfort whilst wearing your corset, loosen laces or remove corset completely.  
Take care never to wear your corset too tight. Faintness, nausea, dizziness, tingling, back pain or stomach pain are all possible indications your corset is laced too tight.
Avoid fizzy drinks, beer, large meals and any foods which may cause bloating whilst wearing a corset.