Q: Why don’t you make corsets above a size 30”?
A: Whilst Ava Corsets currently only go up to size 28”, we have plans to produce a super curvy range in the future, specially designed for fuller figures.  So watch this space.

Q: Why do I need to pay my own postage costs to return or refund an item if I change my mind?
A: Ava Corsetry is a very small business in its first years.  Unfortunately unlike larger fashion companies we can not absorb this cost – though we hope to in the future.

Q: How do I choose the correct size of corset?
A: Corsets are sized by waist inches.  Using our ‘size guide’; measure your waist with a tape measure and deduct 4” to 6”, this will set your corset size.  Eg: If you have a waist of 28”, then you will wear a 24” corset with a small gap or no gap at all.  If you wish to be laced tighter, or are keen for a slight gap at the back of the corset (the modesty panel will accommodate this so no need to worry about skin showing), or intend to lose weight, then you could also wear a 22” corset.  

Q: How big should I have the gap at the back of my corset?
A: The gap at the back of the corset is a very personal thing.  Some people prefer no gap, other people like the look of a gap.  Some days you may wish to wear your corset closed all the way and other days a little looser, so you will have a gap.  It’s really up to you.  If your gap is larger than 3”-4” then you probably need a bigger corset.

Q: Will wearing my corset with a big gap (3”+) damage my corset?
A: A large gap is less likely to be comfortable and can also damage your corset.  

Q: Does it hurt to wear a corset?
A: ‘It shouldn’t!’ is our answer.  A good quality, well fitting corset should feel like a firm hug around your body, with slightly more compression in the ‘squishy’ part of your waist.  If you feel any pain or discomfort then it’s likely your corset is either laced too tightly, is too small for you or the style does not suit your body shape.

Q: How should I clean/ care my corset?
A: Our full caring for your corset guide can be found here <LINK>

Q: How do I put my corset on?
A: Our full wearing your corset guide can be found here <LINK>

Q: Do you have an instructional video for putting on corsets?
A: yes! we have a new section of videos which will soon be available on our website. 

Q: Why is my corset so heavy?
A: Our corsets are steel boned. We use a combination of flat steels and spiral steels. This makes them quite heavy compared to normal clothing. 

Q: Can I give you feed back on how I feel about my Ava corset?
A: Yes, please do. We would love to hear from you. You can contact us here

Q: How long will it take my new corset to get to me?
A: Please allow 3 working days for delivery.

Q: I love corsets but I’ve never worn one before, where should I start?
A: We would recommend starting with a waspie or and underbust corset.  

Q: What is waist training?
A: Waist training is where a person wears a corset every day for long periods of time, in order to ‘train’ their waist into a smaller size and shape

Q: Are Ava Corsets suitable for waist training?
A: If you are serious about waist training, we would recommend having a made to measure corset created to fit your shape perfectly.  Waist training is serious business and requires a lot of commitment and care towards your body. 

Q: Help! I’ve unlaced my corset and now I don’t know how to lace it back up again.
A: That’s ok, use our lacing guide (coming soon).

Q: I’d love to buy my special someone a corset but I don’t know what style she would prefer? 
A: Our gift vouchers are a great option for moments like these.

Q: What cup sizes are your overbust corsets suitable for?
A: Our overbust styles fit a C-E cup best.  

Q: I really love your overbust styles but I am a B cup. Can you recommend any way to make the corset look better?
A: If you are smaller in the cup or looking for a bit more cleavage we suggest hand stitching some bra pads (the removable ones that come with many bras) into the corset. 

Q: One of my boobs is bigger than the other and I notice it wearing my corset.
A: A great trick to help with this is to stitch a bra pad into your corset, where your smaller boob fits.  This can also be applied to wearing lingerie with underbust corsets.

Q: I am a size 14 on the top but a 10 in my waist and hips, can any of your corsets accommodate me?
A: An underbust corset can be a good option if you are bigger in the bust.  If you want an overbust corset that will fit perfectly, we do offer a made to measure service. Details are available here.

Q: I am size 16 in my hips and a 14 in my waist and a 12 on my bust, can any of your corsets accommodate me?
A: Because corsets lace at the back, there is a little flexibility in fit.  However, a made to measure corset can be a better option in these situations, details are available here.  

Q: Should I share my corset?
A: It is never a good idea to share your corset. Over time the heat of your body will help to mould the corset to your shape.  If you share it then this can weaken the corset.

Q: Any tricks for driving my car/ in transit wearing a corset?
A: It can be a good idea to keep your corset relatively loose when driving, sitting for long periods, using public transport etc.  Once you have arrived at your destination, a quick trip to the ladies can give you the opportunity to tighten your corset and powder your nose.

Q: I’d love to wear a corset for my wedding day but I’ve never worn one before?
A: Just like a new pair of shoes, your body needs time to adjust to your corset (and your corset time to adjust to your body!) We recommend wearing your corset for a few hours a day, tightening a little more each time, for a couple of weeks before wearing it for a big event like a wedding.

Q: I have a larger bust and would like to wear a corset under my strapless wedding gown for extra support as strapless bras never stay up. Is this okay?
A: This is a great idea, we have a lot of brides doing this.  Make sure to buy your corset before you have your dress altered as it will change your shape.  Take care to practice wearing your corset before the big day, so your body has a chance to adapt.

Q: I’m petite, only 5' and your underbust corsets are too long for me. Any suggestions?
A: If you are 5’1” or under, our wapies will fit similar to an underbust on you.

Q: I love your corsets! Please can I model for you?
A: We are always on the lookout for new models so please send us your portfolio.

Q: I purchased my Ava Corset from an independent boutique and now I would like to change the style/ size. Can I send it back to you?
A: No, all corsets purchased at a boutique must be returned to that specific boutique.  However, if you feel the corset has a quality issue that we should be alerted to then please do send us an e-mail at info@avacorsetry.co.uk

Q: I love the hair and makeup styling on your website, who did this/ where can I learn?
A: Our make-up and hair stylist is the lovely and wonderfully talented Amanda from Lipstick and Curls.  You can learn to create this look for yourself by attending one of the Lipstick and Curls tutorials! http://www.lipstickandcurls.co.uk/

Q: My friend has told me I need to ‘break my corset in’. What does that mean?
A: ‘breaking in a corset’ means you wear it for an hour or so each day for a week or two, so your body gets used to the feeling of the corset.  It works much the same way you would wear a new pair of high heels a few times around the house before taking them out on the town.  For more advice, see our ‘how to wear a corset’ guide (coming soon).

Q: I would like to return my corset, please can you tell me how to do this?
A: Simply follow our instructions found here for returning items.

Q: You don’t seem to stock a style I’m looking for?
A: That’s a shame! We would love to help, so either e-mail us with your idea to discuss a made to order style, or just to let us know it’s something you would love to see in future collections. You never know, it might just inspire us.  Info@avacorsetry.co.uk

Q: Your photoshoot looks amazing, where can I learn more about it?
A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7JIEreEesY